Brian Townley

Brian Townley is a leadership author and international speaker who started his professional career in the banking industry in 1987. He served as the Director of Human Resources and Marketing for The National Bank of Central Texas where he was employed for over 26 years. He began speaking internationally in 2005. The Texas Bankers Association played a key role in launching the motivational speaking portion of Townley’s career. After hearing about Townley’s unconventional methods in the bank where he served Senior Vice President, they invited him to speak at an educational event. The presentation was a runaway success and Townley’s speaking career was launched.


In 2011 he released the critically acclaimed book, "Inspiring Leadership: Unleashing Motivation in the Workplace." He teaches motivation is within an individual and it's through inspiring leadership that the motivation can be unleashed. It's that winning combination that gets to the heart of his message. He encourages his audience to take pleasure in seeing the best qualities in others unleashed because success isn't just about all you accomplish in life, it's also about those you've inspired along the way.

“Brian Townley’s presentation was the best “real life” leadership and coaching evaluation I have ever attended in my 38-year career.”   

– Larry Reed, Effingham, IL


Brian Townley
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