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Professional development specialist Brian Townley joins the Texas Banking radio Show to answer some questions about bank marketing.

    What are some examples of bank marketing done right?
    What marketing elements can banks on a budget incorporate?







Brian Townley has been teaching and inspiring bankers how to be true leaders since 2005. Through various state, national and even international bank conferences and schools he shares many of the same practices that have played a major role in his own banking success. In 2011 he published the book "Inspiring Leadership - Unleashing Motivation in the Workplace. He teaches motivation is within an individual and it's through inspiring leadership that the motivation can be unleashed. 






A leader is a firm believer in helping their fellow man so they can have a better view as well. A leader who sees the world from the vantage point of others knows that when we are improving the lives of others we have found our true calling. When we inspire others to motivate themselves, then they will be great traveling companions on this successful journey. And to me that is what an inspiring leader is: someone who takes pleasure in seeing the best qualities in another unleashed.  






Allow passion to become your focus and it will unleash your true potential. Success isn't measured by all the things we have accomplished in life, its measured by living up to our full potential in life. There is a difference in living with potential and living up to your potential. So ask yourself, "Am I living "with" or am I living "up" to my potential?" Which comes back to "what is your desire?" What would you want to do if money were no object? In that you will discover your purpose. 






Character comes from a Greek word meaning “chisel”. Revealing the core values of a leader requires a chiseling process that removes pretenses and exposes the true traits of a leader. Brandon Lee and Brian Townley have created a powerful message of developing leadership skills to inspire personal and professional excellence. In 2014 they released a 50 minute DVD entitled "Chiseling A Leader."  






Brian Townley is a leadership author and international speaker who started his professional career in the banking industry in 1987. He served as the Director of Human Resources and Marketing for The National Bank of Central Texas where he was employed for over 26 years. In 2011 he released the critically acclaimed book, "Inspiring Leadership: Unleashing Motivation in the Workplace" and has been speaking internationally since 2005.  






Brian Towney has been speaking internationally since 2005. He teaches motivation is within an individual and it's through inspiring leadership that the motivation can be unleashed. Employees must feel like it's about them before it can be about you, the company. It's that winning combination that gets to the heart of his message. 



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